Incompany blended LAVA Training

A joint product of Leyden Academy and Van Loveren & Partners

In a collaboration with Leyden Academy, Van Loveren & Partners introduces LAVA in care and welfare.
Together we have developed a new and unique blended learning to efficiently train professionals in using LAVA.

Currently the LAVA training is only available in Dutch. The English version is coming soon!
Can’t wait for the English version? Contact us and we’ll include you in the pilot study.

What do we offer?

  • Inhouse training
  • Professional trainer educated by Leyden Academy
  • For each attendee the LAVA-box with the conversational material, worth €100 p.p.
  • E-learning for deepening and self-study
  • Individual coaching by the trainer
  • LAVA-certificate after successful completion

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Only €6000 (ex VAT) for 12 trainees to master LAVA, just €500 p.p.

What’s included in the LAVA training?

In short:

  • A training for 10 – 12 participants
  • Spreading of the training over 6 – 8 weeks
  • Three meetings, containing peer consultation and exercises
  • Three e-learning modules
  • Practical and diverse work forms

What do we ask of you?

  • Enthusiastic and motivated trainees
  • Time investment of 6,5 hours for the three meetings in total
  • Time investment of 6 to 8 hours for the e-learning
  • For each trainee two clients to practice the LAVA-conversation