With LAVA (the Life and Vitality Assessment) you really get to know your client. Your client gains insight in his quality of life and what’s most important to him or her.

With the LAVA training you will learn to put the three major principles into practice and to work with the different steps of the LAVA tool.

LAVA is a tool to have a meaningful conversation with older adults (55 years and over), as a professional in care or welfare. Older adults gain insight in the themes they find most important and in their quality of life.

The LAVA tool shifts perspective from complaints and symptoms of older adults to their wellbeing, desires and what brings them happiness in life.

Three major principles in LAVA

The LAVA tool is based on three major principles:

  1. Personal desires, wishes and (care) needs
  2. The client’s experiences and perspective
  3. The client is in the lead

Watch our LAVA introduction:

What does LAVA have to offer older adults?

Older adults appreciate the LAVA method because of the sincere attention and interest they experience during the conversation with the professional. They also appreciate the insights they gain during the conversation. They experience the subjects that are discussed in the conversation as ‘essential’ and ‘enriching’. Participants also appreciate the physical aspects of the instrument like laying down cards and shifting cards on the lists and thermometer.

What does LAVA have to offer you as a professional?

The LAVA tool will contribute to your job satisfaction. You will be able to enhance the wellbeing of older adults and offer them personalized care. The tool helps you to ask the right questions to gain more insight and to identify the client’s underlying needs.

What does LAVA have to offer your organization?

Organizations using the LAVA tool will experience various benefits. During a LAVA-conversation professionals will get to know their client better, because an overview of both desires and needs of the client is made together. Furthermore, the client’s underlying needs become more clear, which results in the most effective actions. Hereby, the LAVA tool will enhance the client’s independence, improve personalized care and diminish the need for professional care.

Join the LAVA team and learn to work with LAVA as well!

We offer the LAVA training in a blend, including e-learning and meetings. The trainees will learn to put the three major principles into practice and to work with the different steps of the LAVA tool.

Currently the LAVA training is only available in Dutch. The English version is coming soon! Can’t wait? We’ll include you in our pilot.

What’s included in the LAVA training?

In short:

  • An incompany training by our professional trainers
  • A training for 10 – 12 trainees
  • Three meetings, with peer-to-peer learning and exercises
  • Three e-learning modules
  • The full training will take 6 – 8 weeks
  • All-in price including material and the LAVA box worth €100 p.p.

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Only €6000 (ex VAT) for 12 trainees to master LAVA, just €500 p.p.

Exclusive collaboration

The LAVA tool is developed by Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing. Van Loveren & Partners is proudly providing the blended LAVA training, exclusively in the Netherlands and Belgium on behalf of Leyden Academy.

In an exclusive collaboration with Leyden Academy our experts developed the blended LAVA training.

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